The Purpose of this web site is to connect glass cutter collectors from around the world to help identify all the different types of glass cutters, and help educate others who enjoy this hobby of collecting cutters. We also hope to buy, trade,and locate the glass cutters we are all looking for.

The below is from our mentor Charles N. Williams. Charles made this website possible and his book is pictured below with the italian collector Massimo Rocchi Bilancini whose book IL TAGLIAVETRI E IL GRISATOIO which is written in Italian is shown below.

Charles N. Williams, (now age 91) glass cutter collection of over 1400 cutters is pictured here along with the supporting information written in his 2012 book: “GLASS CUTTERS, With a Brief History of Flat Glass”.

He has also amassed; through the years, pictures and data on over 1140 additional different glass cutters belonging to others. Mr. Williams estimates there are more than 3500 different glass cutters available to collectors. 1400 (referenced in his 2012 book) plus 1140 (from his “others book”) and from several partial collections he has seen thru the years. With this in mind, Mr. Williams and friends are hopeful that the many unknown glass cutter collectors would share in this endeavor.

If you might be interested in getting either or both these books, please send us a message below.

Pictures & information provided by Collectors: Charles N. Williams, Massimo Rocchi Bilancini and Stephen Beletz.